Baz will have learned a lot from his outing to Barbury for his first CIC***, even if it wasn't the result that we had hoped for. Barbury is a beautiful event with a big atmosphere. We were thrilled with his test, which although green, showed some stunning trot work with a few extra flying changes in the canter. Very pleased with a score of 54.1 as he is new to this level and it was his first experience of a big event atmosphere.

The show jumping did not go entirely to plan as Baz was a little distracted. He jumped brilliantly most of the way around, with a green rail on top of the mound. The last line proved expensive, as he was inattentive around the corner and didn't get a great spot to the first oxer. He somehow managed to get the pole tangled between his legs and was brave to try and jump the next. We decided to save him for another day rather than run him around a tough track XC.


A long drive for Basil to Great Witchingham for an intermediate run. We were thrilled with an obedient and grown up test to score 28.9, .3 off the leader. A double clear was rewarded with 2nd place and an upgrade to advanced points


 Super exciting week for the team in Luhmuhlen, Germany, with Orange making his long awaited four star debut. We left home at lunchtime on Monday and finally arrived at the venue around 9.30 on Tuesday morning. The horses had a day to settle before the trot up on Wednesday and then a quiet day for Orange, who was drawn second last to go on Friday afternoon. The thunderstorms and torrential rain just about held off for Orange's test, but he didn't really enjoy the wet arena and his test was disappointing, scoring 54.7. It was far from the score that he is capable of but having walked the course it didn't look as if would be a dressage competition.

The going on the cross country was perfect and the course beautifully presented. The track was quite twisty and very technical, with lots of skinnies and angles, three water complexes and a hill and long galloping section right at the end of the course. Virtual course walk  can be seen here:

Orange was amazing - straight, accurate and fast. He posted one of only 4 cross country clears inside the time, making the course look easy. Could not be more proud of him. 

Although tired, he trotted up well on Sunday morning and jumped a beautiful clear round - one of only 7 and was one of only two horses to complete on his dressage score. Orange has come through the event well and will now have a well earned break before his Autumn campaign.


Amazing day at Little Downham made getting up at 1.30 bearable! Worth the drive for perfect going and well presented courses. Basil was running his his first advanced at only his 3rd event with Izzy. He produced some beautiful work in the dressage and a only few extra flying changes kept him from getting a great score but 36 was very respectable with loads to improve on. He tried his heart out in the show jumping, but ran deep to the first part of the combination for one down. Although green XC and slightly surprised by all the skinnies he jumped a fantastic fast clear for 8th place in a huge and competitive section.

Orange was having his final outing before Luhmuhlen. He was super relaxed in the dressage and a mistake free test scored 27. A beautiful steady double clear was good enough for 5th.

Lovely day and could not be more thrilled with both boys.


 Lovely day in the sunshine at a very smart revamped Tweseldown. Huge improvements to the course and new fences. Basil was q little over exuberant in the dressage but produced some lovely work for a good score of 29.3. The showjumping arena has quite a lot of atmosphere and there weren't many clear rounds but Baz could have concentrated a little harder! A fast and confident clear XC was good enough for 4th place and will hopefully set him up well for Little Downham advanced next week. Big thank you to Izzy Taylor eventing


 Not quite the result we wanted at Chatsworth. So pleased with Orange's dressage test. He was relaxed and calm in the big atmosphere ring with only a few small errors keeping him from a top score. So much more to come and who can complain at a score over 70%. He looked fantastic in the show jumping warm up and was jumping beautifully in the ring until something went horribly wrong leaving Andrew sitting on Orange's ears and Orange with no bridle! Early home time ... Disappointing, but the pony is fine, the jockey is fine and the sun shone. Little Downham advanced for both Orange and Baz.


 Super excited for the first leg of the Event Rider Masters Series at the Dodson and Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials this weekend. This is the beginning of a brilliant new series of CIC*** competitions at some of Britains most iconic events. There is record prize money on offer and competition is certain to be hot! Orange kicks off with his dressage at 15.50 tomorrow, and you can watch all the action on live stream here:

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