2017-2018 Event Reports


What a fantastic event Kilguilkey House Mallow International Horse Trials is! Such a friendly and helpful team, beautifully designed and presented courses and amazing ground.

We had a bit of a nightmare trip out after the horses weren't allowed to sail due to high winds which made for a very long journey. 

Baz led the dressage on 37.5 with a stunning test but was not himself jumping or xc and Izzy pulled him up half way around. Very disappointing after a great start but much more important to have them both home safe.

This was Izzy's 3rd event with Orange and it's still a learning curve getting to know each other but we were delighted with a 43.7 dressage and clear sj.

The XC track was plenty serious enough and Izzy took advantage of the fantastic ground to storm around and win with the second fastest time of the day. Could not be more pleased.Awesome result for such a new partnership. Thank you #izzytayloreventing


Farley Hall today for the BE100 with Heidi. Really pleased with her dressage and a very grown up Sj round. She picked up an annoying 20 pens xc which cost her 3rd place, but she hasn't been xc since Keysoe and was just a bit surprised by the ditch. Diego was balloted so has to wait for their next outing to Tweseldown


 Very good boys today in the advanced at Little Downham. Basil excelled himself in the dressage for a 23 - it was a beautiful, fluent test. There was some Basil over enthusiasm in the show jumping warm up but he jumped a good clear and flew around the XC to finish on a score of 27 and a winner! Very proud of the Baz!

Orange and Izzy understand each other a bit better after our Houghton outing and he produced some lovely work in his test to score 25 with just a few small mistakes. Orange also jumped a super double clear, although had a steadier run around than Basil to finish 3rd.

Huge thanks to Tina Ure and her team for a fantastic event with amazing courses and perfect going as always


Long trip to Houghton yesterday in the bank holiday weekend traffic with Baz and Orange for the 3 star combined training and it was very hot!!

Baz excelled himself and concentrated for the whole test to score 75%. It's only his second test at this level and he finally seems to be showing what he can really do. So pleased with him. 

It was the ideal environment for Izzy to get to know Orange a bit more in a proper event atmosphere. There were a few little mistakes in their test because they don't know each other well yet, but some very good work to score 69%. Both boys then jumped lovely clear rounds to finish 1st and 3rd. We finally arrived home about 11.30pm


 Rockingham day 1, with Baz doing his CIC dressage and Stan in the novice. Baz really tried hard in his test, with no freestyle moments, to score a competitive 48.5. He jumps tomorrow. Stan loved his trip around the cross country and cruised around despite the weather, one of very few to make the time to finish 5th. 

Day 2 and 11th place for Baz from over 70 starters in the CIC** at a rather muddy Rockingham Castle horse trials. Having contained his exuberance for an obedient test, he was a bit too jolly in the show jumping, which cost him a few places, but a fast clear xc kept him up the order. Next stop Houghton for the 3 star combined training, we have decided not to take Orange and Zippi back for the intermediate tomorrow at Rockingham.


Orange was having his first outing of the season, and first outing with Izzy, who has only ridden him a handful of times. He managed to control his excitement at being out for a 25 dressage, followed by a beautiful double clear to finish 3rd in the OI. 

Not to be completely outdone by the two gingers, Stan finished 7th in his section. So grateful to Aston for providing lovely surfaces for the dressage and show jumping and for the huge amount of effort that went into making the ground so good cross country #weloveaston

Educational BE100 outing at Keysoe for Heidi and Diego - their second event. Both did good tests to score 33. The showjumping track was very grown up and up to height. Heidi jumped a really good round for the point she is at and her 2 rails down don't really reflect how well she jumped. Poor Diego was overwhelmed by the whole thing but regained his confidence with a beautiful clear around a tough enough xc. Heidi also jumped a great clear

 Baz was extremely over enthusiastic in the dressage phase at Withington - I think there were more flying changes than in one of Valegro's freestyles but he redeemed himself with a beautiful double clear. 'Holiday' next week while Izzy is at Badminton, then Keysoe, Aston and Rockingham Castle.

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