2017-2018 Event Reports


 Long trip to Burnham Market with Baz, Stan and Zippi. Baz was much more settled in his test in the two star and we were very pleased with him but decided not to run any of the boys as it's a long season ahead. Baz is entered for Withington at the end of the month so hoping for some rain. Heidi and Diego are entered for their first ever BE event at Whitfield, with Stan in the novice. Picture of Heidi practising hard


Busy weekend, with 3 horses at Aston then Stan at Weston Park. The two baby horses, Heidi and Diego, were doing their first ever competition in the 100 class. Both did super tests for their first time in an arena. Diego got into a bit of a muddle show jumping but finished well and will be better with more experience. He was amazing xc, and jumped a lovely fluent clear. Heidi jumped a beautiful clear round show jumping, but picked up 20 penalties xc as she didn't really understand the ramp and log into the water. She popped it after checking the landing looked safe and the rest of the round was good. Really pleased with these two, as they are both still really green but show huge promise. Zippi Jazzman enjoyed his novice outing with a good test, one down and clear xc.

Quick turn around and off to Weston Park with Stan. A good test for a score of 27, very proud of his clear round show jumping and a speedy clear xc. He finished runner up to one of Izzy's other rides, Monkeying Around, who recorded his third novice win in a row. The novice track caused it's fair share of problems so delighted with Stan. Another good day, with loads of prizes for #busyizzy and the sun shone both days #eventingsunny

Next stop, Burnham Market with Baz, Stan and Zippi. 


 A good weekend for Basil in the CIC** at Belton, a lovely event with a big atmosphere. Having missed his run at Great Witchingham due to a rub from his over reach boot, Basil was rather fresh. The arena, surrounded by flags and busy trade stands gives the horses a lot to look at. Basil produced some lovely work but made several big mistakes which kept him down the order. A mark of 50.50 was more than fair and he will hopefully be more settled next time out.

Another early start for showjumping, and Baz jumped a great round, just running deep to one upright. He stormed around the XC with just a few time penalties, which pulled him up to 12th place. Very pleased with him, hopefully he will be a little less exuberant at Burnham Market


Lovely day in the sunshine at Great Witchingham with the two ex racehorses, both much improved from their outing at Lincoln. Stan  was a little tense in the dressage but jumped a beautiful double clear to finish 4th. Zippi did a lovely test for a 28, one down show jumping and clear XC for 7th place. Thrilled with both of them. A great weekends work for Team Taylor - 10 horses, 9 prizes and one just outside the top 10. #topjockey

Zippi and Stan
Heidi and Oli
Orange and Baz

Pretty good start to the season at a very smart and very sunny Tweseldown for Basil. He was super excited to be out eventing and could barely contain his enthusiasm in the dressage. It was slightly the same story in the show jumping with the second part of the double down, but he was thrilled to be out on the cross country and skipped around for a tidy 8th place in a star studded OI section. 

Zippi and Stan had an educational novice outing  at Lincoln. They finished happy and confident, if not with prizes and will be better for the run. Adopted Team Orange member Hayley Hankey jumped a lovely double clear for 7th place. Perfect going and well built tracks made the early start worthwhile. Next outing Great Witchingham

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