Good couple of days for the Orange one at Aston le Walls - our all time favourite event. A 30 dressage put him in a competitive 4th place behind Persimmon, Easy Target and Campino, with a mistake in the halt rein back being expensive. He had an uncharacteristic rail down SJ in an otherwise exemplary round - his first SJ penalty since Blair last year. A super confident steady round XC was good enough for 5th place. Good boy Orange! He will now head to Gatcombe and/or Hartpury 


 Having been wait listed for Carlton, we took Stan and Pinky to Aston le Walls unaffiliated for the 90cm. Stan did a beautiful test for a 26, one down SJ and a steady XC clear for 10th place. Another solid performance from Pinky, with a respectable test, one down and clear XC. Great to jump on the new surface at Aston, especially at this time of year 


A fantastic week at Bramham for Team Orange. The weather was very hot for Orange's dressage, and his test was a little bit flat, scoring a 46. The terrain at Bramham is well known for being challenging but Orange coped well for his first fast 3 day XC round, coming home clear with just 2.8 time penalties. His usual stunning clear SJ pulled him up to 8th place in a super competitive field - his best result to date, completing on a score of 49.2. A huge thank you to Team Nicholson.


Basil travelled to Houghton in Norfolk for his CCI**. We have never been to this event before, it is a stunning setting with beautifully presented courses. Basil's test was a bit disappointing. He was relaxed and going well when he tripped, changed legs and got very cross with himself! Exciting to know he is capable of very high marks in this phase.

The XC track had plenty of questions but looked a fair test. Basil rose to the occasion with a great clear round bang on the optimum time putting him in 10th place over night. He trotted up well on Sunday morning, and was unlucky to have a rail SJ, dropping him to 14th. We could not be more pleased with his performance and the potential that he has shown for the future. Basil will have a well deserved mini break before heading to Barbury Castle CIC**

Huge news from Team Orange HQ - Pinky wins a prize at his 3rd ever BE event! We had a great day at one of our local events, Ascott under Wychwood. Pinky was relaxed and obedient in his test to score a very respectable 33. He then jumped a foot perfect double clear with .4 of a time fault XC to finish 6th. So excited that Pinky is starting to live up to his poetential - a credit to Brioney's patience and training.

Stan was again hampered by jockey error keeping him out of the prizes. He produced his customary smart test but time penalties accrued while the rider sorted out her stirrups after a rail down SJ were expensive. Despite this he jumped a lovely round XC and eventually I will remember how to ride :o)

 Amazing weekend at the beautiful Chatsworth horse trials in Derbyshire where Orange was competing in the advanced. We were thrilled with his dressage, which apart from one early flying change, showed off his ability in this phase. 26 was good enough to to take the lead and stay there. He jumped a beautiful clear SJ, and we decided to run him faster XC and see what he could do. He did not let us down, jumping a fantastic clear round, and one of only two horses to make the time so finishing on his dressage score. So lovely for the whole team to have a win and a huge thank you to everyone who is a part of Team Orange


 Orange and Baz had a midweek outing to Aston le Walls intermediate. Basil keeps getting better and better. A 29 dressage put him in a competitive position and he jumped a lovely round showjumping around an up to height track. A good clear XC was good enought for 4th place and more points. 

Orange and Andrew are getting to know each other better and produced a lovely test with one small blip. He also jumped a good round SJ but did not run XC as he heads to Chatsworth this weekend.


So while most of the eventing world was busy at Badminton, the Team Orange C Team were busy at Broadway - the second outing of our big comeback! Stan did a lovely test for a 26. Pinky's test was also much improved but his additional freestyle moves did not impress the judge! Our showjumping may not yet be stylish, but Stan had only one rail down and Pinky two, with a small difference of opinion over steering. Pinky redeemed himself with a super confident clear round XC just over the time. Stan also went clear and would have been well placed had the idiot jockey not got lost between fences 5 and 6 clocking up an impressive collection of time penalties! Progress is being made and I am sure that prizes will not be far off!

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