Basil at Boradway novice

Great end to the season for Basil at a rather muddy Broadway horse trials. A great double clear to finish 7th, his first novice placing and another point! 


A very cold, wet and muddy day at Calmsden horse trials - one of our local events.

Zippi did a lovely test for a 32 and was unlucky to have a rail SJ. We decided not to run him XC as he is well established at this level and we wouldn't have run him at competitive speed in the mud.

Basil did a much more consistent test and jumped a brilliant double clear, totally unphased by the mud, to win his first point! So proud! Basil you have come a long way!


Not entirely the day we were hoping for at Little Downham yesterday. Ace did a pleasing test for a 32, despite two changes thrown in for good measure.

His show jumping round was disappointing because he has been jumping so well at home. We think he got worried because there were crowds of people standing by the practice fences and twice someone walked in front of the fence as he was about to jump. 

He had a great round Xc to cheer him up so we can put the day down to experience and hope for a better outing to finish the season at Aldon


Great afternoon training at Team Tait. Ace Lightening looking fantastic and enjoying his job. Stan extremely pleased to be out and about, demonstrated by much kicking of the lorry and jolly head flinging and another practice outing for Pinky. 
Poor Scooter has banged himself and so will miss his final outing of the season at Little Downham but hopefully will be back on form in time for Lyneham hedge hopping.

Saint Moreton Morrell
Zippi Moreton Morrell
Basil Moreton Morrell

Not our best day of the season yesterday at Moreton Morrell. Saint was doing the BE100, Basil and Zippi the novice. All three did pleasing tests but the Showjumping caused carnage. Basil jumped well but the other two had several fences down each. We were gutted, but as it turned out there were only 4 clear rounds in Basil's section and 5 in Zippi's! I am not sure this is acceptable, as courses at this level should be encouraging and educational, and I can only conclude that horses were finding it difficult to get sufficient push off the dead, deep surface in the arena. Consequently we did not run either Zippi or Saint XC. Basil jumped a beautiful clear around his first novice track and would have been well placed had he gone faster. Well done to Brioney for doing such a good job producing him.

Ace at Lyneham

Busy day of jump training for the horses yesterday. In the morning we went to the wonderful Lyneham Heath Equestrian with Pinky and Ace. Pinky is progressing well now he is having more regular outings, and is now confidently jumping a course.

Ace is entered for the Open Intermediate class at Little Downham at the beginning of October and so it was brilliant for him to be able to jump two separate courses of show jumps. We were thrilled with how he went and we are quietly hopeful that we will be able to get him back to his best.

In the afternoon, we took the horses that are going to Moreton Morrell to jump at Angie Thompsons. Saint, Basil and Zippi were all good boys and hopefully are now well prepared for Friday.

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