Basil Upton House BE90
Basil Upton House BE90
Basil Upton House BE90

From Barbury 3 star to Upton BE90 - Brioney and Basil were having their first BE outing. We were delighted with his dressage test, despite a few green mistakes and he went on to jump a super, confident double clear to finish 8th and gain his first Foundation Points! Well done Basil!


Since his Barbury exertions, Orange has mostly been asleep!

Orange Barbury Castle CIC***
Orange Barbury Castle CIC***
Flying finish

The day of Barbury 3 star cross country dawned hotter than hot! Owen and Hayley went to walk the course again in the car so the horses would not have to be standing in the hot lorry for too long. Despite this, they both arrived dripping in sweat and had to be washed off before even doing anything.

Orange was first on and produced a foot perfect round. He was amazing. There were no speed records broken, but sweltering hot temperatures and firm ground ruled out any need for heroics. The 3 waters, quarry, owl hole and skinnies all posed no problems and Orange finished full of running and recovered quickly. As it was too hot to leave him in the lorry, he stayed watching the proceedings from XC start and finish while Foxy jumped his round, jumping another effortless clear! A great day for Team Orange around a course that caused numerous problems for far more experienced horses.

Both Orange and Foxy jumped amazing clear rounds in the CIC*** Showjumping at Barbury Castle. There is a big atmosphere in the arena and some super spooky fences including an Olympic legacy fence so it was great that they both rose to the occasion.

Scooter was due to do his show jumping and cross country in the afternoon. By this time, the temperature had reached 27 degrees and the ground was on the firm side so decided to save Scooter for another day - much to his disgust having been woken up for plaiting at 4am!
Foxy Barbury Castle CIC*** SJ
Scooter Barbury Castle CIC**

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