Hayley and Foxy did their dressage at Barbury today to score 54. Go Foxy Bingo!


Dressage day at Barbury. Scooter was first on in the CIC**. He did his absolute best and we were delighted with him. Apart from the halts - he does beautiful square halts but is just too excited to stand still when he could be getting on with it - it was a lovely test, and his best to date. I hoped for a few marks better than 55 but still couldn't be more pleased.

Orange was doing his first 3 star test. He warmed up well and then got stage fright as soon as he went into the arena. He performed all the movements but didn't really let Owen ride him to show him off to his best, so we were a bit disappointed to score a 55. It's the first time he has been in an atmosphere like Barbury and he just needs more mileage to gain his confidence in the arena. 

A day at home tomorrow and then back on Saturday for jumping.
Orange Barbury Castle CIC***
Orange Barbury Castle CIC***
Orange Barbury Castle CIC***
Scooter Barbury Castle CIC**
Scooter Barbury Castle CIC**
Scooter Barbury Castle CIC**
Foxy, Orange and Ace at Marfurlong

Busy afternoon taking 2 truck loads of ponies to jump at Angie Thompson's yard. The 3 Barbury ponies all seemed to be on top form. Basil again exceeded our expectations and little Ace continues to make steady progress. 

More good boy Basil
Basil Superstar
Saint at Lyneham
Pinky at Lyneham
Basil at Lyneham

Owen came to give Scooter and Orange a quick school on the flat before we went off schooling at Lyneham with some of the baby horses. Both the boys felt really good after their canter work yesterday. I was particularly pleased that Scooter felt on form, as he does not like the warm weather.

Saint, Basil and Pinky went to Lyneham for a jump. We are very lucky to have such amazing facilities close by. Saint has never jumped on grass before and although turns were a bit of a challenge he was very good. He is so naturally exuberant he has to learn not to be too over enthusiastic. Pinky jumped well and as usual was totally unphased by fillers or water trays. Then Basil had a little XC school and upped his game again. He really has got better and better for each new challenge. 

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