Final piece of canter work for Orange and Scooter at Crown Farm today before Barbury. Am hoping the weather is cooler next week or Scooter won't be going.


Owen had pre Barbury lessons on Scooter and Orange with Sarah Ward today. Both boys went very well and we have some extra exercises to practice this week. 

Basil at Marfurlong

Today we took Basil and Ace for jump training with Angie Thompson. Angie is a show jumper based near Chipping Campden and she is a brilliant rider and trainer. Basil surprises us with his progress every time we take him out - long may it continue! He is having to work hard to get deeper to his fences and be more athletic. Ace was having his first jump after a break so didn't do too much. Apologies for the photo quality - the lighting in Angie's arena seems to make getting a clear photo almost impossible!

Pebbly Maximus and Hayley Hankey
Hayley sees a flyer!
Pebbly Maximus and Hayley Hankey

Great pre Barbury run for the boys today at Salperton Park. One of my favourite events, and all the better for the fact that it isn't too far away! Scooter was first on, and although his test wasn't as good as his last two have been, he did nothing wrong to score a respectable 37. The show jumping track was causing a fair few problems but he bounced around with his usual enthusiasm. The cross country was also reasonably testing, with a double of brush corners and a triple bar to a skinny brush being the bogey fences. Scooter flew around to produce another double clear, collecting another 2 points. Good pony!

Orange's day out did not run entirely smoothly but despite being hampered by unnecessary drama he produced a 35 test, the first half of which showed some flashes of brilliance. More pre Showjumping drama ensued but the Golden Wonder did not fail to produce a beautiful clear round, followed up by a faultless cross country round. He finished 10th despite not being pressed for time. Roll on Barbury!

Huge well done to our friend Hayley Hankey, who keeps her horse Pebbly Maximus at Orange Eventing. 3rd in the advanced intermediate - what superstars!

Happy Birthday to the great Owen Moore!

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